Published 2014
Genre: Crime

Pages 367 reading material

Danish edition

Rights sold

Brazil, Bertrand

Czech Republic, Paseka

Denmark, Lindhardt & Ringhof

Estonia, Varrak

Finland, Like

France, Actes Sud

Germany, Goldmann

Greece, Psichogios

Iceland, Draumsýn

Italy, Einaudi

Japan, Hayakawa

Lithuania, Kitos Knygos

Netherlands, Prometheus

Norway, Schibsted

Poland, Literackie

Romania, RAO

Russia, Inostranka

Slovakia, Ikar

Slovenia, Ucila

Turkey, Marti



A lonely and miserable accounting manager named Mogens Slotsholm flees from his home in Copenhagen to Berlin after committing embezzlement. Mogens has plans to meet a secret acquaintance in the German capital, but instead he disappears without a trace.

Former Detective Thomas Ravnsholdt, known to friends and colleagues as Ravn, is still marked by his girlfriend’s tragic death. When he is contacted by Mogens’s very attractive sister, Louise, Ravn is pulled reluctantly into the search for the missing man. Ravn and Louise soon learn that other men have gone missing in Berlin in a similar manner, only to later be found drowned.

Ravn and Louise set out in search for the truth but their hunt for the perpetrator is also a race against time: Mogens may still be alive. Their search leads them to a horrifying old case dating back to a few months before the fall of the Berlin Wall, in 1989. The case involves a Stasi agent’s violent abuse of and obsession with a particular family – transgressions in the past that appear somehow connected to the disappearances in the present. In the search for answers, Ravn must put his life on the line.

Meanwhile, we follow the story of Ravn’s girlfriend Eva’s unsolved murder, which takes an unexpected turn when Ravn learns that Eva was having an affair with another man at the time of her death.

Missing is the second installment in Michael Katz Krefeld’s bestselling series about former Detective Ravn. It is an exhilarating, edge-of-your-seat reading experience where Ravn triumphs – against all odds.


Missing is – just like the first installment – a craftily written crime novel with emphasis on the effects…
Jyllands-Posten, Denmark

Michael Katz Krefeld’s hand never trembles when it is time for evil, clever plots and sharp character portrayals. /…/ Again Katz Krefeld combines the personal, our tormented police officer [Ravn], with politics on a high level and a taut suspense curve, which leaves the reader hanging, page after page. A classical series seems to be on its way, with another eight novels about Ravn planned…
Alt for Damerne, Denmark

The three separate stories are discretely intertwined and the suspense is built up /…/ Katz Krefeld has delivered a superb crime novel
Berlingske Tidende, Denmark

Michael Katz Krefeld’s second installment about Thomas “Ravn” Ravnsholt is really good. /…/ Missing is for those who have read his earlier novels, and for those who enjoy high quality crime novels.
DBC, Denmark

Michael Katz Krefeld has once again written a really good and suspenseful thriller about Thomas “Ravn” Ravnsholdt. /…/ The character portrayals are proper and realistic. /…/ A truly well-written, cliff-hanging and praiseworthy book.
Litteratursiden, Denmark

When Michael Katz Krefeld tells a story, I listen – beacuse he is a fantastic storyteller. And as soon as I closed the book, I already missed Ravn…
Krimifan, Denmark