Published 2015
Genre: Crime



The cult

Ravn #3

When Hell is a place on Earth.

Former detective Thomas “Ravn” Ravnsholt is trying to move on with his life after the murder of his girlfriend. He is approached by director Ferdinand Mesmer, a prominent businessman, with what appears to be a simple job: find Mesmer’s son Jakob. Ten years ago, Jakob founded the cult God’s Chosen and disappeared. Now, his father wants to track him down. When Ravn finds out that Mesmer has already hired a private investigator once, but that they abandoned the job under mysterious circumstances, he begins to suspect that more is going on than a simple missing person’s case. He finally locates Jakob and his last remaining disciples in a secluded house out in the countryside. But rather than the Paradise on Earth Jakob has promised his followers, the sights that greet Ravn are more reminiscent of Hell.

The Cult is a chilling tale of a closed-off world with its own set of rules, and the secret past that now threatens its existence. It is the third instalment in Michael Katz Krefeld’s immensely popular series about former detective Thomas “Ravn” Ravnsholt.


“The Cult is powerful and suspenseful, and Michael Katz Krefeld is a skilled writer. The plot is glimmeringly put together /…/ Ravn is an interesting hero, given the characteristics of a classic alcoholic and world weary figure, but with the refreshing sides of a modern man and an alternative bohemian. /…/ In other words: If you’re looking for well-written, well-oiled suspense, then The Cult is a sure-fire bull’s-eye.”
Berlingske, Denmark


“Pure and unadulterated PI romance.”
Politiken, Denmark


“Authentic Nordic Noir /…/ Michael Katz Krefeld’s third Ravn novel blends a bloody cocktail, with religious fanaticism and corporate fads as its main ingredients.”
Jyllands-Posten, Denmark